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Single Point of Contact for National Accounts & Direct Servicing of Orders


Clients may rely on our experienced personnel to address all title issues from placement of order through issuance of the final policy and beyond. Our national clients take advantage of this service, as it allows them to deal directly with our seasoned personnel rather than with unknown agents or title employees.  

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The Expertise & Professionalism to Get the Job Done Right


We offer our clients the experience and professionalism needed to coordinate complex single and multi-site/multi-state transactions. Our services are provided for local, national and international properties. We have coordinated local single site transactions, and multi-state, multi-site transactions involving numerous sites with title coverage in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Transactions we work on can range from a stand-alone commercial site to one involving incredibly complex title issues and valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars – located practically anywhere.



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Manage & Coordinate Full Escrow Processing Services


For transactions which require a neutral entity to act as escrow agent, backed by the full faith and credit of the country’s largest title companies, we are well versed and well adept  in acting in that capacity and are able to prepare closing statements, escrow agreements and disburse funds.


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Experienced Underwriting on a National Level


Since we have agencies with multiple title companies, we offer clients experienced underwriting on a national basis. Additionally, we have well-established relationships with agents, local, regional and national title company offices and national title underwriters. These relationships allow us to shop and price title and related services from many sources. If a client has a relationship with a particular national title underwriter, we are able to use the requested underwriter in most cases. One of the many advantages of our platform is when a title problem surfaces that one company will not insure, we have the flexibility to have another company review the problem and cure consideration to the client's satisfaction.



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Connecting You for a Particular Transaction


We are able to direct clients to local counsel, surveyors, appraisers, environmental and engineering companies, lenders, and other ancillary real estate services which might be required by a particular transaction.



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Non-real estate assets which are secured by Uniform Commercial Code filings can be insured anywhere in the United States so as to protect lenders' rights of perfection, priority, validity and enforcement. This coverage is applicable for mezzanine financing, asset-based loans, mixed collateral transactions, loan workouts, loan portfolios and securitizations, mergers and acquisitions, and any other type of loan transaction where a UCC filing may be chosen.


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